My cakes and catering menus can be uniquely crafted with care for you.

Below you will find some cake and menu ideas. These are all my tried and tested recipes. By no means are you limited to these creations. If you have a specific culinary request or idea, do please consider providing me with the opportunity to make it happen for you or a loved one!

Cup Cakes

I couldn't begin to list the unlimited options for cup cakes here. The scroll wheel of your mouse would wear out! Suffice it to say, tell me what you like, tell me what you want and within reason I will supply a box of six for £7.50 Scroll through just a handful of options below or pop over to my yummy page for some more ideas.

Large Cakes

A section of traditional, vegan and gluten free cakes to tantalize your taste buds. Most dietary requirements can be accommodated. All requests and adaptions considered.
Victoria Sponge£36

Traditionally two layer, sandwiched with raspberry jam, my Victoria has three and filled with strawberry or raspberry jam, buttercream or fresh cream, fresh raspberries or strawberries.
Vegan & gluten free available.

Carrot cake£36

A moist naked cake filled and covered with lemon buttercream, topped with fondant carrots.
Vegan & gluten free available.

Vegan Chocolate£36

This is the best Vegan cake you will ever taste. You will not believe it's vegan. Filled and covered in chocolate buttercream. Finished with homemade vegan chocolates.
Gluten free also available.

Rich Chocolate£36

Rich, velvety three layer, sandwiched and covered in smooth chocolate buttercream or white chocolate buttercream. Finished with chocolate shavings or fresh raspberries drizzled with raspberry coulis.

Toffee Fudge£36

A deliciously soft sponge layered with toffee buttercream, homemade fudge and lashings of toffee sauce.

Lemon Drizzle£36

Perfectly zesty, sandwiched with lemon buttercream, homemade lemon curd. Drizzled with tangy lemon syrup.
Gluten free option available.

Gluten free Vegan Chocolate Orange£36

Another fabulous cake, made with fresh orange zest. filled and covered in chocolate orange, candied orange and homemade orange syrup.

Raspberry Ripple£36

A light raspberry and vanilla marble cake, filled and lightly covered with raspberry ripple buttercream and raspberry nibs.


Small and medium sized event catering, buffets, birthday parties & other functions

Hot meal buffet

Vegetable Curry

A subtle blend of spices makes this curry a delight. A selection of vegetables and chickpeas in a rich spiced tomato gravy. Served with homemade naan.

Vegetable Chilli (non Carne)

Vegetarian mince fried with a blend of spices, mixed peppers and kidney beans. Served with long grain rice & mixed salad.

Morrocan Caserole

A truly heartwarming meal. A selection of vegetables cooked slowly in Morrocan spices with paprika dumplings.

Pasta Bolognaise

Vegetarian mince fried with mushrooms, onions, spices and rich tomato sauce, tossed with pasta or spaghetti. Served with soft home made bread.

Vegetable Lasagne

Slow roasted vegetables between layered pasta sheets & tomato sauce. Topped with a cheesy sauce. Served with tossed iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, cabbage and homemade garlic bread. (Vegan and gluten free option available)

Teriyaki Tofu

Simple yet delicious tofu in Teriyaki sauce with charred onion & served with wholegrain rice.

Shepherdess Pie

Vegetarian mince cooked with onion, carrots & peas. Topped with creamy mash, onion gravy and served with steamed green vegetables.

Toad in the hole

The classic. Individual Yorkshire pudding with vegetarian sausage. Served with honey roast vegetables and swede mash.

Vege' Wellington

Puff pastry wrapped roasted vegetables on a bed of swede and parsnip mash. Served with buttery chunky carrots.

Stuffed mushroom & garlic Linguine

Portobello mushroom stuffed with sun-blush tomatoes & Brie on a bed of garlic-tossed Linguine. Drizzled with garlic oil.

Vish & Chips

Marinated tofu wrapped in seaweed and battered, served with homemade chips.

Mexican Bean Soup

A lightly spiced soup accompanied by lightly salt & peppered sautee potatoes and chunky homemade bread.

Stir Fry

Noodlles and garlic-fried vegetables with soy and hoisin sauce.

£8 per head (any two)

Jacket potato buffet

Cheese & Beans
Vegetarian/Vegan Chilli
Vege Coronation Chicken
Brei & vege ham
Vegetable Curry

£8 per head (any two)

Vegan & Vegetarian Cold buffet

An agreed selection from the following:

Sandwiches, Focaccia breads, sausage rolls, mini-pizza, quiche, spring rolls, samosa, cocktail sausages, salad platter, coleslaw, houmous, cheese platter & dips. With a selection of oils and pickles.

From £7 per head.

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